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The Elaine Houston Podcast | July, 26 2022

The Elaine Houston Podcast is all about female empowerment and having those deeper conversations that reveal what truly makes is women who we are.

In this episode, Christina talks to Elaine about the issues facing women and gambling.

WYNT | July, 22 2022

Christina Cook says she was never a gambler, and no one in her family was either. Then the casinos arrived. She was in her 20s when she first started gambling with girlfriends.

She says while she didn’t like the atmosphere at first, it was a coping tool for the stressors in her life. Cook became addicted to gambling for 15 years, and even considered suicide.

New York Post | May, 6 2022

Christina Cook had never heard of gambling addiction. But she was already on her way to being hooked — eventually losing nearly half a million dollars and, almost, her own life.

In 2007, at 28, the Tulsa, Okla., native was separated from her first husband, grieving the death of her beloved grandmother and living at home with her mother.

Glamour Magazine | March, 28 2022

After struggling with compulsive gambling for more than a decade, Christina Cook found herself roughly $75,000 in debt. (She’s not sure how much she lost in total, but estimates it was in the range of a quarter of a million dollars.)