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Christina Cook – Founder and Advocate

Welcome! I’m Christina and I’m a compulsive gambling addict who is living in recovery. After gambling for 15 years I finally hit the rock bottom that started my journey of recovery. In the beginning I had a hard time connecting, there weren’t a lot of women talking in a space that consisted mostly of men and I craved a connection with other women who have walked the same road. The Broke Girl Society was created for women struggling with problem gambling to have a space where we feel safe to talk about our journey without fear of judgment. 

No matter where this addiction has taken us we are all deserving and worthy of the hope and healing recovery brings.  

One of the most profound thoughts I’ve had since starting recovery; I’m not alone. Being seen and heard for the first time in years changed my life and I wanted to help others know they were not alone in this silent addiction. The podcast became my way of connecting to those who are trying to find recovery or are living in long term recovery. 

If you’d like to contact me about appearing on the podcast or would like more information about The Broke Girl Society, please use the form below.